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Nur Arianty,

Nur Arianty (Ari) is a versatile arts practitioner who engages in street dance and production, creating works across multiple platforms, including live and digital formats. She is currently an Associate Artist at P7:1SMA, a contemporary dance company with a focus on Malay cultural elements, and as an Associate Producer at Bahri & Co.


Due to her strong connection to hip-hop culture, she has produced and contributed to numerous works in the genre, including In The Name of.. Hip-hop and I_entity through Stirring Ground. Additionally, her involvement as a dancer and choreographer in the short dance film "I Wish You Stayed" earned it a finalist position at the Lion City Dance Film Festival 2022.


Ari is passionate about elevating the street dance community and remains committed to producing works that showcase the richness and diversity of hip-hop culture. 

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