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We are a port of call for anyone who wants to be connected the rest of the world. We build bridges, networks and connections with and for people in the arts.

We seed new international collaborations while seeking opportunities for existing stories to be presented and told around the world.

We are a gateway to Singapore and the region including Southeast Asia and wider Asia-Pacific. We welcome you to these lands with customised experiences for small or large groups or small casual affairs for travellers passing through.


We believe that performance should extend beyond the stage and are keen to explore new horizons with artists who want to imagine new possibilities with us. We are open to working across genres and forms and committed to not limiting ourselves to a singular mode of presentation.

We want to work with artists who want to push outside comfort zones, have an openness to process and a desire to find deeper and meaningful conversations with peers from around the world.

We invite friends from adjacent industries to engage with artists and the arts to explore new ways of problem-solving and sharing stories with the world.


We believe in the future legacy of producers and arts managers in the region. We want to support the growth and development of producers and arts managers who can support the arts sector at large.

We co-develop customised programmes with institutes of higher learning interested in imbuing their students with a curiosity and appetite for learning through arts and culture.

We are keen on sharing about and featuring process. We are curious about why and how we do what we do in that which we do. We want to learn and share beyond just productions and presentations.

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