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Dead was The Body 
until I taught it how to move

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"Just months ago I was sleeping over twelve hours a day. I don’t know if you’ve ever, but it’s like your brain and everything, everything’s perfectly awake, every other thing in the world is moving except this.

The key is in the moving."

The unexpected death of his father while he's away at university and b-boying. Later, a quest into the Bronx in New York City to find the grandfather of hip-hop before returning home to begin a career as a teacher, like he's some sort of Singaporean posterboy-superhero.

That’s Dom’s story. Or not.

Something keeps happening and he needs to talk about it.

Bhumi Collective presents the world premiere of dead was the body till i taught it how to move, with performance and story by Dominic Nah, written by Edward Eng, with stage direction by Adeeb Fazah and dramaturgy and movement direction by Michael Ng.


11-14 July 2018
World Premiere

Aliwal Arts Centre, Singapore

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