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In The Name of.. Hip-hop

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Rooted in its values of Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun, the Hip Hop culture has always advocated inclusivity which transpired the presentation. The 50-minute explorative dance lecture-performance intends to explore the notions of dancers with different hearing frequencies, and how they perceive Hip Hop music by diving into the different layers of the music experienced by each of the.

This work was rehearsed and performed for an invite-only audience. Staff and performers were fully vaccinated and the presentation adhered to the Safe Management regulations.

Dance Artists: Ashfahani Hakim & Ammar ‘Ameezy’
Dramaturgy by: Dr Amin Farid
Editor/Photography: Li.visualz
Interpreters: Daniel Yong and Valerie Lim
Producer: Nur Arianty
Executive Producer: Mohamad Shaifulbahri


11 September 2021
42 Waterloo Street

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