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Ikan Girl


A story of good triumphing over evil, the story of Ikan Girl reminds one of patience and kindness and the perils of engaging in evil acts especially the mistreatment of a fellow being.


Inspired from a Malay ancient poem known as the Syair Bidasari, this new adaptation of the story will be presented in the form of a multidisciplinary performance that incorporates movement vocabulary from Malay dance, bharatanatyam and contemporary dance genres and featuring new music of a unique compositional style that imbues the flavour of traditional Malay music with captivating sound colours.


21 & 23 October 2016

The Chamber, The Arts House, Singapore

Singapore International Festival of Music 2016


“Like what Stravinsky’s Petrushka did for Russian music more than a century ago, could Syafiqah’s Ikan Girl, an experimental but coherent fusion of Malay and Western classical music, be an equally momentous landmark for local music?”

 -The Straits Times

“a refreshing presentation of

multi-disciplinary originality”

-Arts Republic

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