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Mak-Mak Menari


Mak-Mak Menari explores the role of the modern Malay mother in Singapore today, and how dance continues to play a part in their lives. While marriage, motherhood, cultural and traditional taboos, and growing older have impacted their dancing days, the Mak-Mak Menaris have only grown stronger. They continue to find pleasure in dancing together and this project is a tribute to their resilience, told in part by their junior, Soultari Amin Farid, whose own dance career has been shaped by watching and dancing alongside these women. Mak-Mak Menari is a documentary theatre work with text, Malay dance and videography, curated from the real-life stories and experiences of these Malay Muslim women in Singapore.


7-19 January 2020

NAFA Studio Theatre

m1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2020


“Such is the power of dance to create a sense of community that transcends the everyday, reminding performers that no matter what their day jobs are, they are also beautiful, confident and skilled dancers."

 -The Straits Times

“While ostensibly simple in its presentation, the power of the performance lies precisely in how there are plenty of hidden truths it reveals about our country and our people in each sincere account from the mak-maks"


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